Previous Members of the Group

If you are a previous member of the group please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing. It's always nice to know how the people you have worked with are getting on and what they are currently doing. (Please click here to update your current status)

Several former group members have since established academic research groups. See a list of their websites here.

Previous Members Position in the group What they went on to
William Kendrick DPhil student (2016-20) Postdoc University of Melbourne, Australia
James Thomas Postdoc (2016-19) Postdoc University of Oxford, Department of Materials
Przemyslaw Gawel Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2015-19) Senior scientist at Cambridge Display Technology
Stuart Astle CDT rotation student (2019) DPhil in the Burton group, University of Oxford.
Lizzie Boulter Visiting student (2019) Continuing her studies at the University of Oxford.
Julia Pia Visiting student (2019) Returning to Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada to continue her studies.
Kristina Eriksen Visiting student (2019) Returning to University of Copenhagen.
Jiratheep Pruchyathamkorn Part II student (2018-2019) PhD at the University of Cambridge.
Joseph Woods Part II student (2018-2019) PhD at the University of Zurich.
Isabell Gruebner DPhil student (2015-2019) Data Scientist at Beamly in London, UK.
Michel Rickhaus Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2016-19) Independent Research Group Leader, University of Zurich.
Lara Tejerina Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2017-2019) PostDoc at the University of Zurich.
Denis Hartmann CDT rotation student (2019) Continue his SBM CDT rotation.
Martin Peeks DPhil student (2013-2016)
Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2017)
Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2018-19)
Lecturer/Scientia Fellow, University of New South Wales.
Bart Limburg Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2016-2018) Postdoctoral Research Assistant at ICIQ Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia.
Sabine Weidlich DPhil student (2015-2018) Scientist at Cynora GmbH (Bruchsal, Germany) working on the synthesis of compounds for organic light emitting diodes.
Yaoyao Xiong DPhil student (2015-2018) R&D Chemist at Oxford Nanoimaging Ltd, developing imaging agents for super resolution microscopy
Renee Haver PhD Student (2014-8) and Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2018) Postdoctoral Research Assistant with Kylie Vincent and Holly Reeve, University of Oxford.
Hiromu Kubo Visiting Student (2018) Returning to the University of Kyoto, Japan.
Alistair Sterling CDT Rotation Student (2018) Started PhD with Fernanda Duarte, University of Oxford.
Jamie Duburg Visiting Student (2018) Returned to the University of Twente, The Netherland.
Huawei Jiang Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2015-2018) Faculty position at South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China.
Jonathan Cremers PhD Student (2014-2018) Product Manager at the startup 'Researcher' in London.
Daniel Kohn PhD Student (2014-2017) Consultant at OC&C.
Andreas Jentzsch Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2016-2017) University of Strasbourg, France; Postdoctoral RA (2016-2017)
Anjul Khadria DPhil student (2014-17) Postdoctoral fellow in Lihong V. Wang Group, CalTec, USA.
Takayuki Kobatake Research Assistant (2015-2017) Nippon Shokubai Ltd, Japan.
Cécile Roche Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2013-2017) New South Wales, Australia.
Qiu Xing Yu Part II student (2016-17) PhD at University of Oxford (Carol Robinson's group)
Anne Jeppesen Visiting student (2017) PhD at University of Copenhagen.
Ibrahim Bulut PDRA (2015-17) Research Scientist, National Institute of Solar Energy, Le Bourget-du-Lac, France
Josh Sauer Summer student (2016) Part II in Carol Robinson's group
Alexandru Vlasceanu Visiting student (2016) PhD at University of Copenhagen
Nuntaporn Kamonsutthipaijit DPhil student (2012-2016) Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand
Isabel Thomlinson Part II student (2015-16) PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies at the University of Bath
Johannes Osterrieth Part II student (2015-16) PhD at Cambridge
Pengpeng Liu DPhil student (2012-2016) Postdoctoral position at the University of Kyoto, Japan
Petr Motloch Visiting student 2016 Returned to PhD position in Cambridge
Yutaka Hisamune Visiting student 2015-16 Returned to PhD position at Kyushu University, Japan
Jennifer Le Roy Visiting PDRA 2015 Oxford Department of Materials
René M. Oetterli PDRA 2013-2015 PDRA in Alberto group, Zurich
Giulia Magnano Summer student 2015 Returned to PhD position at the University of Milan, Italy
Levon Movsisyan DPhil 2011-14 and PDRA 2014-15 PDRA at Diederich Group, ETH Zurich
Ludovic Favereau PDRA 2014-2015 CNRS Researcher, University of Nantes
Pablo Rivera-Fuentes PDRA 2014-2015 EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
Karolina Korzycka DPhil 2011-2015 Clinical Operations, AstraZeneca then R&D at Procter & Gamble
Fiona Porter Part II 2014-2015 PhD in the NOWNANO CDT, University of Manchester
Wilf Lewis DTC project 2015 Project in JR group
Sophie Rousseaux PDRA 2012-2015 Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Julien Kelber PDRA 2012-2015 Research at University of Strasbourg, with Adisseo.
Arjen Cnossen PDRA 2013-2015 Senior Scientist at Mercachem, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Dmitry Kondratuk DPhil Student 2009-2013; then PDRA 2013-2014 TATA Steel, UK; then Principal Researcher at TATA Steel, Europe
Igor Boczarow DPhil Student 2010-2014 School teaching in Warsaw, Poland
Dominik Lungerich Summer research student Returned to home institution
Hiroshi Masai Summer research student Returned to home institution
Wilf Lewis Part II 2013-2014 DPhil at Oxford CDT in Synthesis for Biology & Medicine
Christy Liu Part II 2013-2014
James Wilkinson DPhil Student 2010-2014 British Airways
Patrik Neuhaus Postdoctoral RA 2011-2014 R&D on printing inks for food packaging at Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co.
Jonathan Cremers Visiting Masters Student 2014 Returned to home institution
Christiane Knappke Postdoctoral RA 2011-2014 Research on polymeric rheology additives for paints and coatings at BYK.
Di Wu Visiting Academic 2012-2013 Returned to home institution
Maxime Godfroy Visiting Student Summer 2013 Starting PhD in Grenoble
Renee Haver Visiting Student Summer 2013 Returned to home institution
Michael Franz Visiting Student Summer 2013 Returned to home institution
Qianfu Luo Academic Visitor 2012-2013 Returned to home institution
Philip Bennett DPhil 2009-2013 Patent Law
Joanna Tung Part II 2012-13 Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Sarah Wong Part II 2012-13 Accountancy, The Fish Partnership
Bethea Hanson-Jones Part II 2012-13 MSc in Sustainable Development, University of Exeter, then NHS
Kanokkorn Sirithip Visiting Student 2012-13 Returned to home university to finish PhD
Guzmán Gil-Ramírez Postdoctoral RA 2010-2012 Postdoctoral RA, Manchester (Leigh group)
Frank Arroyave Postdoctoral RA 2012 Postdoc position, ICIQ Tarragona, Spain
James Reeve Part II 2007-2008, DPhil 2008-2012 Civil Service (UK)
Isamel Lopez Duarte Postdoctoral RA 2010-2012 Postdoc, Imperial College London (Kuimova group)
Kuoren Tan Part II Student 2011-2012 Defence Science Organisation, Singapore
Tim Rosser Part II Student 2011-2012 PhD at Cambridge (Reisner group)
Stephen Mccarthy Part II Student 2011-2012 PhD, Imperial College London
Georg Fischer Postdoctoral RA 2011-2012 Product Expert, Clariant, Frankfurt, Germany
Nicola Davis Part II Student 2007-2008; DPhil Student 2008-2011 Journalism (The Times)
Melanie O'Sullivan DPhil Student 2008-2011 Postdoc, Oxford (Hamilton Group)
Johannes Sprafke DPhil Student 2007-2011 Postdoc, Santa Barbara, USA (Hawker Group)
Phoom Chairatana Part II 2010-2011 PhD at MIT, USA
Philip Sellar Part II 2010-2011 Bank of England
William Peveler Part II 2010-2011 PhD in nano-materials and security, UCL
Matthew Langton Part II 2010-2011 DPhil, Oxford (Beer Group)
Jonathan Matichak Postdoctoral RA 2010-2011 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Jan Fleischhauer Postdoctoral RA 2010-2011 Postdoc at Heidelberg University, Germany (Bunz Group)
Mitsuhiko Morisue Academic Visitor 2010-2011 Assistant Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Sally Millican Part II 2009-2010 Studying Food Ingredient Functionality at Wageningen Universiteit, Holland
Giuseppe Sforazzini DPhil Student 2006-2010 Postdoc, University of Geneva, Switzerland (Matile Group)
Karl Thorley Part II 2005-2006
DPhil Student 2006-2010
Postdoc, University of Würzburg, Germany (Würthner Group)
Atsuomi Shundo Postdoctoral RA 2009-2010 Assistant Professor at University of Kyushu, Japan
Louisa Esdaile Postdoctoral RA 2007-2010 Postdoc, Northwestern University, USA
then Senior Chemist at Dow Chemical
Takashi Nakamura Visiting Student 2010 PhD, The University of Tokyo (Shionoya Group)
Sebastien Ulrich Postdoctoral RA 2009-2010 Postdoc, Stanford University, USA (Kool Group)
Steven Karlen Postdoctoral RA 2007-2009 Postdoc, Northwestern University, USA (Wasielewski Group)
then Assistant Scientist at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Marie Hutin Postdoctoral RA 2008-2009 Postdoc, Eindhoven University of Technology (Meijer Group)
Group Coordinator, University of Glasgow
Simon Yau Part II 2004-2005
DPhil Student 2005-2009
Technical Development Executive, SGS, Hong Kong
Kana Tanabe Visiting Student 2009 PhD, Tokyo
Thomas Eaton Part II 2008-2009 PhD, University of Basel (Mayor Group)
Chris Campbell Part II 2008-2009 PhD, University of Edinburgh (Leigh Group)
Simon Chambers Part II 2008-2009 Investment Banking, Lazard, London
Hazel Collins Part II 2003-2004
DPhil Student 2004-2008
Postdoctoral RA 2008-2009
General Manager, IPS, UK
Markus Hoffmann DPhil Student 2005-2009 Project Manager, Nynas AB, Sweden
Milosz Pawlicki Postdoctoral RA 2007-2009 Ass. Prof. at University of Wroclaw, Poland
Kosuke Suzuki Visiting PhD Student 2008 Toyko University, Japan
Milan Balaz Postdoctoral RA 2005-2008 Yonsei University, South Korea
Rienk Eelkema Postdoctoral RA 2006-2008 Ass. Prof. at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Hannah Hogben Part II 2007-2008 D.Phil. Oxford
then Burgoynes - Forensic Investigators, investigation of fires and explosions
Shane McDonnell Postdoctoral RA 2006-2008 BASF, Germany
then Iron market technology manager, Calderys
Emma Dahlstedt Postdoctoral RA 2003-2008 Chemilia AB, Sweden
Katsutoshi Sawada Visiting RA 2006-2007 JSR Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
Michael Frampton Postdoctoral RA 2003-2007 Science Teacher, Downe House School, Berkshire
Matthew Stone Postdoctoral RA 2005-2007 Postdoc at MIT, Boston, USA,
then research scientist Millipore
Heather Daniell D.Phil. 2004-2007 Environmental Consulting
Leszek Zalewski Visiting Postdoctoral RA 2007 BASF then Reckitt Benckiser
Alexander Shutter Part II 2006-2007 Manager at OC&C Strategy Consultants.
Hugh Allen Part II 2006-2007 Banking
Francine Oddy Part II 2006-2007 Environmental Science, Imperial College London then Haringey Council
Coralie Houarner-Rassin Postdoctoral RA 2006-2007 Analysis of wine, Montpellier, France
Eric Klotz D.Phil. 2002-2006 IP Lawyer (Bristows) then legal counsel at Datahug
Andrew G. Cheetham D.Phil. 2002-2006 Postdoc at Northwestern University, USA
then John Hopkins, Washington DC.
Asha Brown Part II 2005-2006 D.Phil. Oxford
Wei Leong Part II 2005-2006 Science Teacher, Singapore
Craig J. Wilson D.Phil. 2002-2006 Head of Chemistry, Magdalen College School, Brackley
then teaching in Shanghai, China
Susan Odom Visiting PhD Student 2005 Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, USA
Matthew Birkett Part II 2004-2005 Patent Law, Hoffmann Eitle
Yvette Dann Part II 2004-2005 Shell
Emily Townsend Part II 2004-2005 Tarmac technical division, UK
Martin Smith D.Phil. 2000-2003 Science Teacher
Holly Blades Part II 2003-2004, RA 2004 D.Phil. Oxford
Ana Charas Postdoctoral RA 2004 Enabled Technologies, Institute of Telecomunications, Lisbon, Portugal
Amy Hsieh Part II 2003-2004 D.Phil., Oxford
Naeem Kaka Part II 2003-2004 D.Phil., Oxford then Actuarial Analyst with Catlin Holdings, London
Huriye Akdas-Kilig Postdoctoral RA 2002-2004 Assistant Professor, University of Rennes
Lars Thoresen Postdoctoral RA 2002-2003 Research Scientist at Arena Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, USA)
Tatsuhiko Fujimoto Visiting Student 2003 Pharmaceutical Industry
Robin Rogers Part II 2002-2003 Local Government Officer
Charlotte Williams Postdoctoral RA 2002-2003 Johnson Matthey then CSIRO Melbourne, Australia
Takashi Nakanishi Postdoctoral RA 2002-2003 National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan
Alex Krivokapic D.Phil. 1999-2002 Research Scientist, University of Oslo, Norway
Jasper Michels Postdoctoral RA 2001-2003 Research Scientist, TNO Industrial Technology, Netherlands
Jun Terao Postdoctoral RA 2000-2003 Professor, University of Tokyo.
James Matthews D.Phil. Student 1999-2003 Research Scientist in the Organic Technologies Division of Corning Inc. (New York, USA)
Dönüs Tuncel Postdoctoral RA 2000-2002 Professor, Bilkent University, Turkey
Martin Katterle Postdoctoral RA 2002 Chemical Industry, Germany
Andrew Tang Part II 2001-2002 Science tutor, London
Iftikhar Sadiq Part II 2001-2002
Katharine Davis D.Phil 2001-2002 Investment Analyst, London
Carol Stanier D.Phil 1998-2001 Associate Editor for ChemPhysChem (Wiley-VCH), Weinheim, Germany
then Editor of J. Mat. Chem. (RSC, Cambridge, UK)
then freelance science writer.
Thomas Screen D.Phil 1998-2001 Post Doctoral Research, Mainz, Germany
then Reaxa Ltd., Manchester, UK
then Yorkshire Process Technology
Michael O'Connell Part II 1999-2000,
Graduate RA 2000-2001
M.Sc. in Forensic Science, Strathclyde University
Sara Alderman Part II 2000-2001 Science Policy Unit - Home Office
Jonathan Faiz Part II 2000-2001 Ph.D. Birmingham University
Ass. Editor for Angewandte Chemie, Weinheim, Germany
Daniel Greve Postdoctoral RA 2001 Laboratory of Material Science, University of Copenhagen
Jonathan Buston Postdoctoral RA 1998-2001 Peakdale Molecular Ltd. then Health and Safety Laboratory, Stockport.
Michael R. Craig D.Phil 1997-2000 Postdoc, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Coating Effects, Ciba Speciality Chemicals, Basel,
then Regulatory Compliance Specialist at MeadWestvaco
Xiaoping Yang Postdoctoral RA 2000-2001 Postdoc, Cambridge
Mark Bass Part II 1999-2000 D.Phil Oxford University
James Kelly Part II 1999-2000 Chemistry teacher, Headington School, Oxford
Peter Taylor Postdoctoral RA 1996-1999 Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd.
Iain Blake D.Phil 1996-1999; Postdoctoral RA 2001-2002 Postdoc, Sydney, Australia
Amanda Cowan Part II 1998-1999 Oxford University Press
Michael Hall Part II 1998-1999 D.Phil Oxford University then Lecturer, Newcastle University
G. Scott Wilson D.Phil 1995-1998 Johnson Matthey Ltd. then Encap Drug Delivery
Andrew J. Hagan Part II 1997-1998 Ph.D. Cambridge University; Director, Head of Chemicals Industry
and Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies at World Economic Forum.
Katrina B. Lawton Part II 1997-1998 Accountancy
James R. Young Part II 1997-1998 Procter and Gamble Ltd. then Reckitt Benckiser
Robert A. Woolf Part II 1997-1998
Edward A. Anderson Part II 1996-1997 Ph.D. Cambridge University, then Lecturer, Oxford University
Susan E. Lawlor Part II 1996-1997 Ph.D. Southampton University
Marcus J. White Part II 1996-1997 Ph.D. Cambridge University, then freelance scientific editor, Seoul
Neil D. Scotchmer Part II 1996-1997 Ph.D. Nottingham University
M. Sirish Postdoctoral RA 1996-1997 Post Doctoral Research, Saarbruken, Germany
Duncan McCallien Postdoctoral RA 1996-1997 John Hogg Technical Solutions, then Johnson Matthey
Juhani Huuskonen Postdoctoral RA 1996-1997 Kuopio University, Finland
Sally Anderson Postdoctoral Fellow 1995-1997 Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd.
John Navas Postdoctoral RA 1996 Scientific Publishing
Daniel Walker Part II 1995-1996 M.Sc. Leicester University
Andrew Wylie Part II 1995-1996 Pfizer Central Research
A. Ben Middleton Part II 1995-1996 Ph.D. Cambridge University, then financial services industry London