Our Collaborators

Much of our research is interdisciplinary and collaborative. Through working closely with other teams of scientists we are able to tackle problems which are beyond the reach of an individual research group. The following are some of our current collaborators:

Bo Albinsson (Chalmers, Sweden; photophysics of electron-transfer)
David Beljonne (Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials, Belgium)
Peter Beton (Department of Physics, Nottingham, UK; STM)
Andrew Briggs (Oxford, Quantum Information Processing)
Franco Cacialli (UCL, London; physics of insulated molecular wires)
Tim Claridge (Oxford NMR Facility)
Koen Clays (Leuven, Belgium; second-order nonlinear optics)
Ilan Davis (Oxford, biological imaging)
Christian Eggeling (Oxford, biological imaging)
Laura Herz (Oxford; ultra-fast fluorescence spectroscopy)
Marina Kuimova (Imperial, London; photobiology)
Colin Lambert (Lancaster, UK; theory of single-molecule charge transport)
Brendon Lovett (St Andrews, UK; theory of charge-transfer)
Seth Marder (Georgia Tech, USA; extended chromophores)
Steve Meech (University of East Anglia, UK; 2D electronic spectroscopy)
John Morton (Oxford, Experimental Quantum Computation)
Robin Nicholas (Oxford; magneto-optical effects)
Richard Nichols (University of Liverpool; single molecule electrical measurements, STM)
Peter Ogilby (Aarhus University, Denmark; photochemistry, organic polymers)
Tony Parker (STFC, UK; time-resolved IR)
Ole Paulsen (Physiology, Oxford; microscopy)
Joseph Perry (Georgia Tech, USA; nonlinear optics)
Aleks Rebane (Montana, USA; two-photon absorption)
Paolo Samorì (Strasbourg and Bologna; AFM of insulated molecular wires)
Laurens Siebbeles (Delft, The Netherlands; microwave conductivity)
Christiane Timmel (Oxford; EPR)
Rik Tykwinski (Erlangen, Germany; polyyne chemistry)
Donatas Zigmantas (Lund, Sweden; 2D electronic spectroscopy)

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