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Section 1: Information for prospective Part II students (internal Oxford 4th year):

We have up to three Part II students in the group each year. Projects cover a wide range of topics, but they always involve synthesising new molecules and exploring the properties of these compounds, to learn how their behaviour relates to the molecular structure. Each Part II student works closely with an experienced postdoc or DPhil student. We frequently publish the results from Part II projects in international journals, and many Part IIs in our group have won thesis prizes.

Section 2: Information for prospective visiting research students:

Section 3: Information for prospective PhD students:

Agnieszka Borkowska, Graduate Studies Administrator
Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford
Inorganic Chemistry Lab., South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3QR
Tel: 01865 272569

Section 4: Information for prospective Postdoctoral Research Visitors.

Funded vacancies for postdoctoral research fellows in the HLA group are always advertised. We frequently host postdoctoral scientists with personal fellowships. Please contact Harry by email if you would like to discuss applying for a fellowship.

The links below provide details of other potential sources of funding:

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